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Corpo Sancto is a small batch candle & perfume brand based in Brighton. It was born out of a simple vision: to create scents inspired by the love of nature and music by husband & wife team Chris & Annelie Turner.

As a drummer in a rock band, Chris has frequently toured the world, his musical knowledge and stories from his time on the road have inspired many of the names and scents of the Corpo Sancto range.

Before moving to London to work as a make up artist, Annelie spent much of her time in her native Swedish forests, collecting mushrooms & berries and swimming in ice cold lakes. A love of the environment she grew up in has permeated the products she creates and for her, using the best ingredients is a central part of everything she produces.

Corpo Sancto natural, botanical perfumes are handcrafted in small batches using carefully sourced oils & resins to assure the highest quality. The perfume range is available as eau de parfum, perfume oil & solid perfume.

Corpo Sancto scented candles are made with rapeseed wax produced in the UK & EU, FSC-certified wooden wicks and non-toxic fragrance & essential oil blends unique to them. 

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Annelie & Chris

Annelie & Chris Corpo Sancto