Wood Wick Info

Wooden wicks are great, they burn cleanly and with a soothing crackling sound but they are a different beast to regular ones and require a bit more attention. Here are some simple steps to help:
1) Before lighting the candle pinch off the excess burned black with with your fingers, this will give you a better flame. If the flame appears to slow down and not burn very well, blow the candle out, pinch the wick and relight.
2) Keep an eye on the wick, if it seems too long (longer than 5mm) then blow it out, allow to cool, pinch off as above and relight.
3) Our candles work best when given time to get a decent wax melt pool - this is as important a source of scent throw as the flame - if you only burn for a short time then the wick may 'tunnel' through the wax.
And some standard warnings that we have to give - Never leave a burning candle unattended - Keep clear of flammable materials - burn on a level, stable surface away from draughts - the container will get hot when the candle is lit. Never move a burning candle.